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Dual Steer Drive (DSD) Conversion

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Dual Steer Drive (DSD) Conversion


Automotive grade R.H. Shepherd steering boxes with Dana Spicer steering shaft and Li-joint components for durable and reliable performance.

Steering miter boxes are factory lubricated and sealed.

Quality components provide smooth steering with minimal back lash.

No loss of leg, knee, or foot room for maximum driver comfort.

OEM brake and throttle components provide comfortable and reliable operation.

Open center floor design allows room for customer installed components such as consoles.

Recessed cross shaft provides OEM look and easier maintenance access via the dog house.

Our dual steer chassis is designed with the driver in mind. The right side steering wheel is only 1" different than the OEM, allowing for improved belly room and driver comfort.

An optional right hand seat relocation is available to allow additional belly room to match the factory OEM side. The fuse block is relocated to the center of the dash and covered with OEM plastic for a factory finish. The fuse block relocation allows for unobstructed floor space and access to the engine cover.


OEM plastics are used throughout our design to match the factory interior finish. Our OEM English/Metric gage cluster provides easy acquisition from left to right side.

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