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Western Pro-Plus Plow

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Part Number:Western Pro-Plus

Western Pro-Plus Plow

Since its introduction, the Pro-Plus has been a best seller for Western, and contractors continue to be impressed with its strength and versatility. Designed for heavy-duty commercial and municipal applications, the 7-1/2', 8', 8-1/2' and 9' Pro-Plus line fits a wide range of vehicles, from 3/4 ton to F-550-size trucks.

Western Poly Pro-Plow Specifications:

Blade Height: 31-1/2"
Blade Gauge: 12
Trip Springs: 4
Shock Absorbers: 2
Vertical Ribs: 8
Angling Rams: 1-1/2" x 12"
Disc Shoes: Cast Iron
Cutting Edge: 1/2" thick x 6" high

All Poly Pro-Plus include:

  • Low-profile, dual beam halogen headlamps with combination park/turn signal lights that conform to federal safety standards. Vehicle light switch activates plow lights - no seperate in-cab switch is needed.
  • Blade guides for improved operator visibility and blade positioning.
  • Chain lift system that uses a hydraulic cylinder with dual chains to lift and carry the blade. This combination allows you to stack snow higher, so if a hydraulic or electrical malfunction occurs, you can quickly hike up the chain to carry the blade back to a service outlet.
  • Solenoid control option. Compact to fit anywhere. On/off indicator light. Plug-in connector allows easy removal.
  • Cab Command control option. All blade functions right in the palm of your hand. Power "on" and "float" LED with automatic shut-off. Five-foot coil cord for mobility. Backlit for nighttime operation.
  • Isolation Module. This advanced snowplow light and electrical system features improved electrical pins in the harness plugs for trouble-free connections. An under-hood module improves system life and complies with OEM requirements. No toggle switch is needed to change from vehicle to plow lights.

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