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(PW22) Pro-Wings Snowplow Extensions

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(PW22) Pro-Wings Snowplow Extensions

Pro-Wings provide an additional 20" of blade width with a minimal increase in plow weight. Trailoff is reduced. Problem areas such as parked cars or moving snow across a lot become more manageable. Ability to windrow is improved. Plowing time can be greatly reduced 25%-50%. Pro-Wings fit most pickup-mounted snowplows. Installation takes only about two hours without any special tools. Then, just three quick pins per side to remove or replace each wing in seconds. The tripping action of your plow is unaffected by Pro-Wings. The rubber edge on Pro-Wings is long-lasting and helps prevent damage to the wings.

Pro-Wings are not recommended for Meyer 2 meter, Western 8-1/2', or any brand 9' or 10' plows, except Meyer 9'. Not recommended or designed for polymer plows or V-plows.) U.S. Patent No. 4-962-600

Note: Blade, nor snow deflector included in Pro-Wings Snowplow Extensions.

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